Thursday, February 26, 2009

Treyton's First Kiss

The other day I was talking to Treyton about his morning at school. Normally I don't get much out of him. I usually ask questions he can easily answer such as, "What did you have for snack?" or "Who did you play with outside today?" He answered these questions and about 3 minutes later, as I was taking a bite of my lunch, he nonchalantly said, "And Gracie kissed me." I put down my fork and looked at him.

"She kissed you?"

"Yep, she did."
"On your lips?"
"No, right here." (pointing to his cheek.)
"What did you do?"
"Nothing. I just kept playing."
So to all you who are curious, the cutie sitting next to Treyton in this picture is Gracie. The girl who gave my boy his first kiss. Look at her in this shot (Gracie is smack dab in the middle, striking a pose). Isn't she sweet?
And even better, her dad's from MINNESOTA! Do I hear wedding bells?

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