Monday, May 4, 2009

Boy Flower

At springtime, it's hard for me to resist making flowers and fairies with my boy. But, successfully resisting this temptation, I decided to make another colorful contraption and am naming it a "boy flower". First, I took a container and drew 4 circles. I used two colors of paper for this but you could use all the same or all different. Treyton wanted ONLY blue and green. Then I folded the circles in half.
Getting out the markers, I put Treyton in charge of decorating the circles.
Then I cut a string, folded it in half, and placed it on a circle.
Time to add the glue!
Next I added a second folded circle in blue.
Keeping it folded, I had glue-boy go at it again. He added glue to the other half of the blue circle.
I repeated the process with another green circle.
Treyton added glue to the other half of the green circle.
Finally we added the last circle connecting it to the first one.
So you actually lay this one down as a whole circle.
The circles fit together like this:
Tie the loose strings into a knot, snip the ends, and there you have it. A boy flower to hang on his door!
P.S. Like his colorful spring necklace? I couldn't resist letting him make that...even though he is a boy. Oh forgive me, Treyton, when you see these pictures when you're 16!

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