Friday, May 1, 2009

Going Back to Easter

I haven't been blogging much lately since I've started digital scrapbooking. Talk about FUN! I became a consultant, so if you're interested, let me know. Anyways, I realized that I haven't made an entry in quite some time. So I thought I'd look back and share our little, quite Easter. First we went to church...which was awesome! My favorite service of the year is on Easter. We have so much to celebrate on Resurrection Sunday. Of course we were running late, and I didn't take any pics of the kids' darling outfits. Shucks. Oh well. When we got home we switched into jammies for the remainder of the day.After church, Bryce became the Easter bunny and hid a bunch of eggs during nap time.
I found some garage sale toys to put in their Easter baskets. Treyton's was filled with transformer-like robot things. Galina's was a dancing doll and some bracelets.
After they woke up from naps, they got their toys and baskets and raced around looking for eggs.
Treyton was the master egg finder!
Galina kept getting side tracked.
And then we decided to color real eggs.
Bryce's Grandma Helen taught him this tye-dye trick. Wrap the egg in a paper towel and spoon the dye over. Then let it sit for a few moments to absorb.
The tye-dye egg is the one in the middle. Good idea, Grandma Helen! Here he's trying it with Galina. More patience than I had, that's for sure.
She was captivated.
After we were done, so was Galina.
Total meltdown.
We finished the day off by watching the movie Jungle Book. All in all it was a great, relaxing day.

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