Monday, June 15, 2009

Preschool Program

After an extended stay in MN and the discovery of digital scrapbooking, this blog has taken a back burner lately. I hope to remedy that, however. Anyways, this entry is long overdue. Treyton's last day of preschool was full with a program for us parents. Above is his teacher leading them into the near-by church for their big songfest. Below is my boy with the director of the preschool in the background.
And then we had to wait. While we were waiting Galina discovered how to do fish lips.
She took a break for the camera.
I tried to entertain her, and she did pretty good. I just love that girl. Especially when she's happy!
Treyton's class is on the bottom row and another is on the top.
Here he is goofing off with the girls. Hailey is on the left and Gracie is on the right.
Hand over the heart for some patriotic tributes such as the Pledge of Allegiance and God Bless America. I had that song in my head along with the Squishing Bumble Bee song for the rest of the day.
Who knows.
One of the highlights of this day was the bus ride. They had to go about 3 blocks to and from the church so the bus ride was a necessity for the preschool classes. Cute but sort of sad seeing him on a bus. At least he stood up to wave to Mom. That's my boy!
Back at the classroom and the party began. There he is again next to the girls. Remember there are only 3 girls in his class. Two of interest to him, in particular. Again Hailey on the left and Gracie on the right.
We all went to a paint your own pottery place and had the kids make fingerprint pictures on a vase/canister for the teacher. Along with some flowers and a gift card, we thought it was a good gift for Mrs. Weirsma.
Treyton made a flower and a frog.
Galina even got to share in the fun.
"Me want cookies!"
I thought Gracie was his special girlfriend this year, but as time has gone on, I think the Hailey has taken a special place in his heart. She's really affectionate with him. I caught them hugging earlier. Look at Treyton's bashful smile. Sweet as honey.
And the lovely Gracie. I've never seen her in anything but a dress. Sort of reminds me of Galina.
It's been a great, memorable year! Thanks Mrs. Weirsma!!!

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