Monday, August 3, 2009

July Snapshots

I clearly did not take enough pictures this summer as we spent time with our extended families. Too many moments, not enough pictures. Bummer. Photographer's remorse.
I have a few I'd like to share, however. Here's Treyton arm wrestling Uncle Jake. Not sure who won. Here's my brother playing a joke on my sister. Amy has a doll head phobia. They give her the willies. Anyways, he put a doll head inside the freezer so when Amy went to get the ice cream (as she's our family's professional ice cream scooper due to her many years working for Baskin Robbins) she'd freak out.
Here's Marat (nephew), Bryce, Treyton, me, Galina, Madina (niece), and my dad walking around Lake Estes. Daisy too!
Hiking in the Rockies. Hiking is my favorite thing to do in all the world. That and digital scrapbooking. And reading. Oh, there's just not enough time to do it all!
The "original Thielens": Kay, Amy, Don, Tiffany, and Brent.
Around the campsite at Bryce's family's annual spot. I'm amazed that they always get the exact same campsite.
Roasting marshmallows. YUM!
Hanging out by the Poudre River with my babies.
Bryce and his grandparents chilling out by the river.
All the cousins: Ethan, Jordan, Hannah, Galina, Treyton playing in the river.
Daisy's afternoon nap. Every day, same place, same position. She does this as I work on the computer in the kitchen while the kids are still sleeping after I take a short nap. Everyday! Rained out backyard pool-and-sprinkler birthday party. The kids didn't seem to mind too much.
Galina and her friend, Libby, playing dress-up. Treyton and his friend, Bryce (yes, same as daddy's name), who is Libby's brother making repairs around the house.
Galina playing with her princess after their b-day party.
Post-party pooch.

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Wendi Garland said...

You've had a full and wonderful summer, Tiffany! I want to see a recent photo of your belly! :)