Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy Bees

Yesterday we experienced our 1st snowfall of the year. When the weather turns bad, I like to do crafts. So we made bees. First start with two strips of yellow paper and have the kiddos draw a bee face on them.
Then have them make stripes.
Or whatever designs they choose.
Then cut out the following shape which will become the wings.
Either staple or glue the strip of paper in a circle.
Then staple/glue the wings. (I found that the staple will hold the wings better than glue.)
Put a dab of glue on the back where the stinger will go.
Glue the long side of the stinger onto the bee.
Fold the stinger down so it sticks out.
Ahhh....buzz, buzz, buzz.
Then we stapled on some string to the top of the bee. For the next hour, the kids chased each other buzzing through the house.
And I ate white cheddar popcorn watching them. :)

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