Sunday, September 20, 2009


She's all about comfort.
Galina is a cuddler. She LOVES, loves, loves being cozy and cuddling up. A very affectionate girl. Her love language is physical touch without a doubt. Maybe that's because I held her so much when she was a newborn. I couldn't get enough of that newborn-ness!
She wakes up and often says/orders, "Wrap me up, Mommy," before we head downstairs.
She can find the most comfy nook and crannies to cuddle in. Kinda reminds me of a cat. Has her own agenda, rarely comes when called, and seems to think she's the boss.....hmmmm, maybe I hung around Polly too much when I was pregnant with her!
Here's what melts my heart....cuddling with her brother. So sweet! "Mom, get off the computer! I'm ready for my pedicure now!!!!"

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