Monday, January 26, 2009


Lions and tigers are often hunted around our house. I decided to help Treyton bring one to life.
First off, cut a few strips of colored paper. I have some cutsie cutters and found this shape which I thought resembled a flowing mane.
Then fold part of one end.
Apply glue to a toilet paper roll.
Then, with some help, a 3 year old can glue the mane onto the toilet paper roll.
It's serious business though!
I noticed that the papers were a little too long.
So after they were all applied, I gave our lion a mane trim. Hmph. That might be a good name for a kids' haircut place? "Mane Trim"
To make the face I outlined the tube on a piece of paper.
I cut it out leaving a little extra around the rim so that it wouldn't slip through the tube. Learned this one the hard way, I have to admit. Then I applied the glue.
Treyton stuck it onto the tube ending to make the face.
And then came the feet.
I took a hole punch to the bum to make the tail. Then I tied string around it like so. And there's our new house tiger. Perfect size for hiding and seeking.

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