Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brielle's First Feeding

Some people say, "Back when I was waiting on tables." Well, for me that time is NOW. 

But it's certainly not a problem when you have something as sweet as this to wait on.
She barely fit in the high chair as I got ready to feed her the first bite of "real food".
We started with rice cereal.
She was excited about what was going on....at first.

But then, not so much.
We tried it again.
But her lips were locked.
Since then, she continues to keep them shut tight.  My "Sweet Pickle" doesn't like baby food!  I have been trying everything but she still locks her lips.  Then only thing I can get her to open her mouth for, without prying them with a spoon, is carrots and sweet potatoes.  I've tried Cheerios, baby puffs, and Kix.  She just cries and chokes.  This is going to be a long road, I think. 

Okay, Brielle, I tget it.  My milk is soooo good that you don't want anything else.  Thanks for the compliment, Little One.  But really, my Sweet Suckling, we need to move on....

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