Saturday, June 12, 2010

Galina's 1st Dance Recital

Galina Ballerina is her name.
She loves to dance.

So of course we were extra excited to see her at her 1st dance recital.
Here she is (pictured below) before the big show with her friend Katie.  Katie's mom, Andrea, is my friend.  Andrea is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  I love her!  Thank God for kindred spirits.
Here's me with my big girl!
There they are getting ready to head backstage.
As you might guess, Galina was the first one on stage.  The others filled in around her.  Their ballet dance was "I Love Somebody".  I have to admit, I was worried.  What would Galina do?  But that little superstar did great!
Here she is tap dancing to Happy Jack-in-the-Box, their other dance.  I was so proud!
Gotta hug Katie one more time.
And take a bow, little girl.  You deserve it!
Encore!  Encore, please!

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