Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crab Cuties

This little craft turned out pretty cute, if you ask me.  It was done over two days due to paint drying.
First I took bowls and had the kids paint them red.
After drying, they became hats.  I love creative kids.
I cut out two claws and 8 feet for each crab. Hint: put two pieces of paper together or fold one. Then you only have to cut out half as many with twice the results.
Next came the gluing. 
I found that tacky glue works better than school glue for this particular project.  Tacky glue seems to hold better on weird surfaces like the rim of a bowl.  But you could use either.  I'm not the glue police.

Then add a couple of googly eyes and a smile to finish it off.
See...a crab cutie!
Or in Treyton's case, an alien crab.  (He had to have three eyes.)
Oh, and no...Treyton is not naked. He's just showing off his pectoral muscles.

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