Sunday, March 6, 2011

Valentine's Parties

I really love Valentine's Day.  And not just because of the candy.  I just!  It's a fun thing to celebrate. 

This year we were invited to Galina's friend Violet's house for a tea party.  Sallina, Violet's mom, is blessed with the gift of hospitality beyond belief.  She loves having people over and we love going there so it works well.

Here's what the spread looked like.  So cute!

Here's Treyton, Elias, and Brielle along with Sallina.
And Miss Violet with her tea.
Boy did Galina get a kick out of all the fancy things!
Brielle enjoyed the food.
Even Treyton got into it!
Mommy even swiped some candy from her baby.
What a fun tea party.
The kids also had parties at their school which I had to miss most of due to Brielle's nap. Thankfully there were a couple moms in each class who were willing and able to volunteer to make it happen. But I showed up at the end. Here are a few shots from those.

Don't you just love celebrating love?

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