Wednesday, August 31, 2011

B-day Zoo Trip

Instead of having birthday parties this year, our family decided to get a zoo membership.
So we headed off on Treyton's b-day since he's the first summer birthday in our family.  Bryce's is a week later, and a month after that is Galina's.

Brielle had never been before and absolutely loved it. 
 I knew she would since she loves seeing the cows and horses that live by us.
 It was a gorgeous Saturday in June; a perfect way to spend the morning.
 It's so fun for me to see how excited the kids get over the animals.  I love seeing the world through their eyes.  I never tire of it.  People keep asking me why we're having a fourth child.  This is part of the reason.  Childlike perspective on the world is something I want to continue to re-learn and never lose again.  My munchkins are helping me with this goal.
 Oh man, can you see how close that tiger is?  Galina found it first.
 I think she made it roll over.  If anyone could do it, it'd be Galina.
 Gotta love those big and baby giraffes.
 Our boy's a little over 3.5 feet tall.
 Galina, just over 3 ft.
 And Brielle did NOT want to get measured, but I reckon she was 2.25 ft. tall.
 They had this cute carved canoe which we tried to get all three kids looking at us and smiling.  Didn't work.  We made a scene trying.  Brought Brielle to tears.  Oh well.
 Brielle loved the bird's eye view from her daddy's shoulders.
 We concluded the morning with an elephant show.  These are my favorite animals.  A great way to close out the morning.

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