Monday, October 17, 2011

Treyton's 6

This summer Treyton turned 6
I'm a little behind as his b-day is in June but thought I'd share his day anyway.
Everyone loves birthdays at our house.
Treyton is really into dragons and lizards right now.
Thanks to the movie How To Train Your Dragon. 
We've watched it at least 50 times.
What boy doesn't love a Nerf gun?
Treyton really wants to learn how to play the guitar.  But I was told to start him off on piano at his age rather than guitar.  Well, we tried that but he wasn't much interested.  So perhaps we'll wait and start him on guitar when he's older
He also wants to play the drums but I wasn't ready for that yet.
Galina is ready for the big stage in so many ways.
Since we were at the zoo in the morning and pretty tired out, we decided to make homemade pizzas for dinner.

So after naps, showers, and baths we got to work.
I'm currently searching for the best pizza crust recipe.  I haven't found it yet but promise to share when I do.
We all had fun piling on the toppings.
Even sweet little Brielle.
She's got the cooking gene, I just know it!
A strawberry cake was requested and what mommy could refuse to make one for her firstborn?
Six years before this day was probably the greatest day of my life.  When God made me a mom.
 I get to look at that excited face everyday.
 Excuse me while I go kiss him to pieces.
Love you, Mister-Mister!

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