Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Estes Park

We took a vacation to Estes Park this summer and here are some highlights:
Galina and Madina...their names got mixed up all week.
Never thought I'd see the day...Brother Brent holding my two girls and smiling?  This man is not a kid person so this is rare!

 Treyton and cousin Marat playing with Playmobil guys.  Treyton thinks his big cousin is the coolest person alive.
 Me and my parents....sooooo good to get hugs from them!
 My parents loved to sit outside and just watch them play.

 I'm impressed I got this picture as these two boys don't stay still very long.
 Daddy and Brielle at the pool.
 Hours of fun at the pool for all the kids.
 I also got some puzzles from the clubhouse which were so fun.  I love puzzles and haven't gotten a chance to do one that had more than 24 pieces since I've had kids. 
 Celebrating Treyton and Galina's birthdays.
 Galina turned 4 at the end of July.
 Treyton turned 6.
 Unbeknownst to my mom, she gave Treyton a trick candle that kept coming back to life every time he tried to blow it out. 
 Oh, he thought that was so fun.  We all got a kick out of it!
 Some presents to celebrate.
 Prego and her honey.
 Cuddling up with Grandma Kay on a cold morning and watching cartoons.
 Brielle out hiking with Daddy.
 But riding became more fun.
 Galina and no fear of cliffs.  Or anything for that matter.
 Studly boy.
 The fam at the falls.
 Treyton and Marat searching for snow.
 Grandpa Don and Treyton at Grandpa's yearly snack site.
 Mommy and Brielle trekking along.
 Father and daughter.
 The fam again.
 There are several hikes in the Rockies that kids can earn badges for completing.  The one we went on that day was one of them.  We had a little ceremony and presented them with the badges.
 Galina hiked the whole way and earned a badge too.
 This dog kept showing up in strange places all week, including Brent's head.
 My parents watched our kids so Bryce and I could go for a hike.  This is our favorite thing to do together.  It's how we started out our dating relationship...in person.  But that's another story for another time.
Happy trails!

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