Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The First Day

Ainsley Joy is a sweet baby.
I think her disposition and tendencies resemble Treyton's.
Even down to the cute little bum bum!  (But don't tell him I said that.)
 I think she looks the most like Galina with her light hair (that's barely there) and her blue eyes.
 But she's her own person and will unfold as the days go on. 
 This thought keeps racing through my head...how much I'm going to miss her when she leaves home someday.  Isn't that horrible to be thinking?  Already?  On the first day of her birth? 
Geez, Tiffany.  Get a grip.
 But I see her little hand and know that it gets big so very, very fast. 
 So I will cherish the days.  The days that are long but the season so short.
 My little pumpkin!  The best Halloween treat any mommy could hope for.
 Here's daddy.  She's checking him out just as much as he's checking her out.
 God must think him special to grant him three girls.  The role of a daddy in a daughter's life is so huge.  Insurmountable.  I wouldn't want that responsibility!  But Bryce is the perfect dad for these girls, chosen by God, placed in his arms.
Welcome to the world, little one!

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