Monday, February 20, 2012

Hanging Out in MN

My dad finally met Ainsley!
He took to her right away.

 I'm so thankful that he's still around after nearly losing him two years ago.
And  here's my grandma Ruth meeting her great-grandaughter.  Let's see...she has Marat, Madina, Treyton, Galina, Carter, Noah, Brielle, Cali, and now Ainsley.  That makes 9 great-grandkids! 

 She loves babies.

 My sister was my hero when she brought over some baby things including the swing in the background.  Can you say lifesaver?  Amy is a hottie, isn't she?  And she's so fun!
 My dad really enjoyed Ainsley.  He'll even admit he's grown into a softie.
 Handsome pair, doncha think?
 Ainsley Joy enjoying all the attention.
 My doctor's office sent us this darling baby swaddling bag for her to sleep in.  She (and therefore I) loves it!  It magically makes her fall alseep...usually.
 At first I thought it was so generous of my doctor.  But after getting medical bill after medical bill totally $2500 that we owe them out of pocket, I'm beginning to second think the generousity factor in all this.  Amazing how much Obamacare has increased our medical bills.  The other three kids cost us $150 out of pocket.  With the change we suffer.  Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. 
 Here's my mom with Ainsley.  She loved giving her hugs and kisses.  Ainsley even smelled like my mom after a while!
This is my parent's 8th grandchild.
 Just me and my girl!

 Here are Amy's kids Cali and Carter.
 Cali holding Ainsley.  Not too sure about it.  Ainsley not too sure either.
 Grandma Ruth singing her tunes to Cali.
 And what would a trip to Minnesota be without a stop at the Mall of America?
Oh so fun!

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