Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Day of School

It is now almost fall break, and I realize that I never shared our first day of school pictures.
Here's Treyton on his first day of first grade.
 Toothless kid.
 I was NOT thinking that dropping him off this year would be harder than last year.  But it was.  It caught me off guard.  I suppose it was due to the fact that he'd be gone ALL DAY.  Oh, how sad!  Still after months of school, I miss him right around lunch time.  But part of parenting is letting go.  I have to let him grow and learn and spread his wings.
 Brielle started preschool this year!  
She absolutely LOVES it. She would go every day if she could!
 It helped that she knew the teacher before school began.  Ms. Deb was the assistant teacher to Galina's class last year.  Her kids go to Treyton's school.  Her son was on Treyton's baseball team.  She also saw Ms. Deb at VBS this summer.
 So Brielle was very comfortable when she entered the classroom on day 1.
 I finally got to let go of Galina so she could run to her class!  She loves school too.  And as an extrovert, it fills a significant need in her life.  Which helps all who live with Galina.
 She got right to work.
 WITH ENTHUSIASM!  But then again, most things Galina does with enthusiasm.  It's one of the traits I love best about her.
Have a great school year, kids!

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