Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brielle Turned 3!

My sweet little baby turned 3 this past month.
I asked her what she wanted to do on her special day, and she said she wanted her friend Amy to come over.  This was great news since Amy's mom, Wenfang, is one of my favorite people!  She came to chat as the girls played.
Then came lunch, naps, and speech therapy.  This was the last session and so fitting to be on her birthday.
Miss Jessica comes to our house and helps her through play.
Can anyone say "dream job"?  Playing with kids and getting paid for it...she picked the right career!
We were praying for Miss Jessica since she and her husband wanted a baby of their own.  After a year of trying, no luck.  But then one day she told us some good news!  She is expecting.  We also got to pray for her during the scary time (1st 12 weeks) and finding out the gender (boy).  The baby is due in Jan.  I made her promise that she would let us come and meet him.  :) 
Brielle's not big on meals out...doesn't really like hamburgers or hotdogs or pizza.  So I asked her what she wanted for dinner on her birthday.  Pretty easy kid.  Yogurt and cereal is all she wanted.  I had to throw in some eggs to help bring the meal together.
She has a sweet tooth like her mommy.  The cake she picked out was cherry chip with sprinkle frosting.  I sorta flopped it out of the pan ungracefully and attempted to repair.  Below are the results of my multi-layered mess.
She didn't care.
She liked the candles.
I love her Brielle!
Brother and sister sharing some love.
Here are a couple of her gifts.  Brielle LOVES Dora.  She picked this gift out herself.
She also enjoys playdough. 
The gift that created peace in my house for hours! All my kids like playdough.
Brielle, you are just a little piece of heaven we get to enjoy here on Earth!  Happy birthday my precious, dear little girl.

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