Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drive-in Movie Night

Treyton attends Awanas at a local church. This week was very exciting since it was drive-in movie night at Awanas. Kids were to bring a car created from a box to sit in while they ate popcorn and watched a movie. So, I put him to work. The local rocket scientist. Observe.
I gathererd a bunch of boxes and let my creative husband loose with them, a pair of scissors, and duct tape. My scissors didn't cut it. Hahahaa. Hehehehe. Hohohoho. So he whipped out his razor knife thingy.
A Guiness box? To church? Oh dear.
What's with Daisy? Maybe she thought she was going to be packed up and shipped out. Although she has gone down on the food chain, she's still very loved. Don't worry Daisy! You're not going anywhere.
Notice Galina? She's about ready to club her daddy for not paying attention to her. After I took a nap I came downstairs to find a superb finished product. Fit with a trunk and all! Look at the details! My husband is a genius. Stinkin' cute, isn't it? Vroom! Vroom!Bryce had an idea for me to contribute just a little. I can handle the crayons; thanks, Bryce! Do you like my personalized license plate? Who's more proud? Here's the parking lot. There's my guy. Good thing I wasn't the one to pick him up. I wouldn't be able to resist that little face among the crowd!

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