Friday, November 21, 2008

EZ Turtle Craft

Notice Daisy in the following picture having no idea that she will be bombarded by two preschool mutant turtles in mere minutes. Poor dog. We love you, Daisy!I cut up a bunch of green paper, got out a few paper plates and glue and headed to work with Treyton and his friend, Seiban. At first I tried to have them glue each and every piece of paper but quickly realized that that just wasn't gonna work. Too messy, too much fine motor skills needed, too much patience-testing for me! So then I just spread glue in circles on the top of the turtle's shell. They simply stuck the papers to the plate. Then I cut out the heads, feet, and a tails. Once the kids were done with the top turtle shell, I helped them put on the bottom shells (another plate) to sandwich the heads, feet, and tails together to the top turtle shell.
There's the finished product. Daisy....beware! Here they come!

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