Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mad Scientist

Every now and again Treyton takes on a new personality. This particular day it was one of a scientist. A crazy one. "Check this out, Mom! A grabber claw." (Such a simple toy that brings hours of amusement.)Bryce used to have real glasses that looked like the goggles Treyton is wearing. I think it was part of his rocket scientist uniform. Early in our married life he would even wear them out in public at times. He ignored all my pleas to get new ones. But then I talked to our eye doctor. He, man to man, broached the topic and encouraged Bryce to change them. Change is a 4 letter word to my husband! Although he wouldn't listen to me, he listened to Dr. James...and I will forever be indebted.
Back to my boy.
Look at that face! It's got mischief all over it.
Treyton did everything in his persona. He even tried to help me change bedding with his claw grabber thingy. It's wonderful when children "help" isn't it? At the end of that task, I was turning into a "mad" mommy.
Whether it's a mad scientist, a window guy, a bus driver, or an alligator, I will love this creative boy forever!
Thank you, Lord, for this great ride called parenthood!

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