Friday, November 14, 2008

Butterflies in November

One of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail, has a scene where Meg Ryan is in the subway and sees a butterfly. Butterflies are sometimes spotted in the most unusual places. And when a butterfly is spotted, it always brings a smile to the face of the observer. Maybe it's cuz we had a warm spell, but I was suddenly in the mood to make butterflies with my boy. In November.
Here are the supplies: toilet paper tube, colored paper, pipe cleaners, scissors, and glue.I let my guy start cutting small pieces from the paper to decorate his butterfly.Cutting for a 3 year old is good fine motor skill practice...and just plain fun. In other words, it keeps them quiet for an extended period of time.
Then I took the scissors and cut two holes through the toilet paper tube. I threaded the pipe cleaner through the two holes.
After curving the "antennas", I gave it to Treyton to start gluing on his paper pieces.
Again, more quiet concentrated effort. Next I added two pipe cleaners for the wings and made a face.
And wall-ah! A butterfly to bring smiles in our house.
And just since we're on the topic of butterflies....I took a picture of this cute craft that Treyton brought home from preschool when they were studying colors at the beginning of the year. It's made from a coffee filter (I think) and clothes pin. Cute and clever, don't ya think?

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