Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Round 1

(I apologize in advance for how uncharacteristicly long this post is!) We got a new tree this year, prelit, 9 ft. Treyton just stared at it. So did I. I didn't know what to do with myself with all the saved time from putting up our old one one branch at a time and then stringing up the lights. This tree reminded me of the unbrella trees from the Grinch. SO EASY AND QUICK!
Part of the reason we got the tree was to celebrate Christmas with these two people: Bryce's parents, Dennis and Sharon. In from Texas.
Here's the loot and the kids playing in it. Notice the snow outside. It fell all day.
Here's Grandma Sharon with her grandbabies. They loved her lap. And they loved reading books. Here's a three generation picture.
After waiting what seemed like forever for the kiddos, the games were to begin. Treyton moved into the "I can use a scissor" crowd now that he's in preschool.
His first gift was a giant flat bed truck from Great-Grandparents Bob and Ruth.Look at his eyes! That look says it all. Excitement personified.Next we opened the giftrs from the Great-Grandparents Ralph and Helen. It was a really neat idea. They collected all the state quarters and put them in a nice folder display. Galina especially liked them. They did this for all their great-grandkids. Can you imagine collecting all those sets? I'm tired even thinking about it. Here's my favorite:Here's where I'd like to be right now.: And here's where we live:Great-Grandpa Bob is pretty handy with tools and woodworking. He actually made this for Galina with her name on it an all!A little jewelry/treasure box.Great-Grandma Ruth filled it with some treasures: bows, barretts, and braceletts. She teaches little kids. Perhaps today is sponsored by the letter B, Ruth? We put one on her. Boy did she catch on fast!Then she wanted to share her bling with everyone. My little Fancy Nancy.Grandparents Dennis and Sharon gave Galina the cutest little purse with all the fixin's: key chain, cell phone, coin purse, lipstick, mirror, and credit card. Treyton got his first Transformer! Bryce was especially excited about that one. Galina got a doll crib. She is gonna love it.
Both kids enjoyed playing with Treyton's new race track and T-ball set. Dennis and Sharon spoiled them so much, I can't hardly believe it. Here's Missy Magoo taking off with her purse and baby in tow. I guess she's going shopping.
Kisses to the baby!
Oh, shopping is such hard work! Time to take a break. Oh Galina. Just wait until you learn what Starbucks is.
Thank you to all the grandparents for the amazing gifts. What a major blessing you are to us and our kids. We love you!

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