Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Plan B

This year for Thanksgiving we were going to spend it with Bryce's sister and parents. However, our nephew was sick and instead of bringing that upon our kids, we opted out. Good thing I was at Walmart at 5am the day before. If you've never been to Walmart at that ungodly hour, you're missing out. The sweetest people work there, it's not busy, and they are in the midst of restocking. So as I was gathering ingredients for the desserts I was to bring, I asked if I could have some of the large boxes from the storage bin isle. They were more than willing to give them away, help me take them to my car, and even offered to break them down for me. Good ol' Walmart. Nordstrom service at prices I can afford. So I brought the boxes home and for almost 2 hours, the kids played in them. I made the desserts. Tiramasu Toffee Torte and the beginning of a Chocolate Cake Trifle. (I thought Bryce's grandparents were joining us at Thanksgiving too and wanted to have enough.) After that we had a playdate at Chick-Fil-A. When I came home I decided to call in to get messages as I hadn't checked them in probably 3 days. That's when I found out about poor Ethan.
So on Thanksgiving, my wonderful Rocket Scientist Husband got out his box cutter thingie, rulers, and tape and created houses from the boxes.
The kids loved them! We had a great day off. I felt like we were cheating or something.
Treyton was soooo interested in the parade. The music and dancing combined with the balloons and clowns....a fun show for the whole family. He watched most of it from his house.
All in all we had a great family day which we really needed, come to think of it. With pizza and desserts galore. Can't complain!

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Jen Kindseth said...

You guys are always so creative! Hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.