Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Milk Tops

Treyton's preschool teacher mentioned that Treyton's been having trouble spelling his name. His last prob. It's only 3 letters. But his first name, not so much. So I decided to help him through the use of milk tops. I've been collecting the tops of milk for the past month or two. For no reason really. I just thought someday I'd use them for a craft or something. Then it dawned on me! I could use them to become a sort of name puzzle.
Ironically, I had exactly 7 tops. Two were pink. Humph. Treyton has 7 letters in his name and 2 are vowels. I guess the teacher in me never died.
I began by having him try it on his own to no avail.
So then I just said the letters and he placed them in order. We're also singing "Camptown Races" using the spelling of his name as the lyrics. I think he'll get it soon.
Cute little booger, isn't he? Even if he can't spell his name!

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