Sunday, March 22, 2009

"I like her undies"

There she is again...Gracie. The little girl to the left of Treyton. They are good friends at preschool. She's adorable, loves wearing dresses, and has a dad who is from Bloomington, MN. I approve.
Last week he came home and I did my usual interrogation of his preschool day.
"How was school today?" I asked.
(Why I ask that question, I don't know as it always gets the same results.)
"Who did you play with when you went outside?"
"Gracie," Treyton replied.
"What did you guys play?"
"We rode the bikes. And one boy pushed me over and Gracie told him to NOT do that again. She helped me up."
"Well, what a good friend Gracie was! She was showing her love, wasn't she?"
(Treyton returned this favor later in the week when someone took the bucket she was playing with. Treyton came to the rescue and got her another one. Can you stand it?)
"Yes, and I like her undies."
"You like her undies?!?!?!"
"Oh that's nice," I said with eyes WIDE open. What does one say in this situation? Then I remembered that Gracie often wears dresses to school. And I know that undies often show when playing. It's a common girl phenomenon. Treyton must've taken notice. Oh nellie!

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