Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ist Trimester Nightly Meeting

I'm useless at night. Nausea usually comes around dinner time (if it hasn't already hit me earlier). So the kids and I have fallen into a routine. After dinner Bryce cleans the kids up while I head to the sofa. The kids find me, crawl all over me for a while (making their daddy and I yell at them to not jump on the sofa), bring me stacks of books to read, and finally cuddle up as we watch TV. I used to putter around at this time of day, doing odd and end sorts of things. But now I'm getting to like this "meeting" that I think I might forever change my ways.
Getting work done is overrated anyways!

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Wendi Garland said...

I love this photo of you... so glad you're enjoying your pregnancy. It's important to take it easy :)