Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flower Cupcakes

I'm finally getting back to this blog.  It was a busy month and honestly, this blog took the bottom spot on my things-to-do list.  That would be true if I actually made a list.  So it goes.

I wanted to share a very simple but cute cupcake idea.  I made these for the end of the year party for Treyton's preschool class. 
I just took a pink marshmallow and cut it into 5 pieces.  Then I placed them on the frosted cupcakes.  I simply stuck an M&M in the center to finish it off.  And there you go!  Simple and cute as promised

I've noticed that kids like to eat things that are pink so I chose to make strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting but you could do whatever.  Chocolate with a white marshmallow flower would be fun for fall, I'd think. 

Fun for any occasion!

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