Monday, July 23, 2012

Ainsley's Adventures

Ainsley finds anything and everything laying around to amuse her.
A stray applesauce cap is her most recent find.
I began chuckling when I realized that Ainsley had found my foot massager.  She turned it on accidentally and was putting her face next to it, laughing.
Does that help with all those teeth coming through, Smilers?
Another favorite spot is under her saucer.  When we can't find her this is the first place we look.
She loves to cuddle with mommy.
Oh, what's this?
Nothing but THE most patient dog in the world.  Daisy has reached the point that she just doesn't care.  I feel the same way at times, puppy dog.
Here's an interesting find.  We keep a pacifier clipped to her car seat.  She must've seen it and headed over.
 Oh, she loves her paci!
By far the biggest mess maker at this point is Brielle.  But Ainsley is coming in a close second.  Not the library books!


She can't even resist getting in sisters' pictures!
Oh how I love the 6 month to 12 month stage!  What's next Miss Ainsley?

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