Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3-D book

Here's a little idea I saw in a book. I read the creation story to Treyton from Genesis 1:1-31. Then we made this book.
I cut a slit half way up on two 8X10 cardstock. Then I folded each in half along the slit. Next I put them together to form this book. Or each "page" I wrote different things that God made: God made nighttime; God made daytime; God made the land and the plants; God made the ocean. Galina was happy to watch and play with her baby doll. Then we decorated each "page" with pictures that corresponded with the words. I like Treyton's blankie on this one. Yes, God made the comfort that only comes with his blankie. I hope and pray that Treyton will continue to learn about the comfort that only his creator can give him.
Yes, you too little missy! May you find the love of Jesus too and bask in his comfort and love. This is my prayer for you, Little Missy Magoo!

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