Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family in MN

Last month the kids and I took at trip to MN. I was hired to take care of my darling niece and nephew as my brother and his wife went on an anniversary get-away. Galina was making it difficult to get packed up.
Off we headed to MN. My mom and dad were there to pick us up and greet us. Galina won over my dad (aka "Father") right away. "Oh, someone to walk me around the kitchen for hours! Yipee!" We were able to go to my parents one of the days for lunch. Here are my relatives from Norway. I thought it was great that our visits coincided. Sven and Elma visit every few years. They are cousins to my grandparents. Don't you just love it? Sven and Elma? So Norwegian! Galina Ruth and Great-grandma Ruth making music with spoons.A fun-filled lunch, well-behaved kids (thank goodness!), picture sharing, good food....what a splendid way to spend a day.

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