Sunday, December 7, 2008


Each week in Treyton's Sunday school class, the preschool kids all go downstairs for a time of worship and storytime. Today we picked up Treyton from Sunday school to learn that he got to play Gabrielle in the Christmas story. Evidently he volunteered and was put in a white robe with garland and wings. When they told him to say a line he did accordingly. Oh what I wouldn't have given to be a mouse in the corner! I am so proud of him! They made two angel crafts today too. Here's "Gabe" with his protégées.
To be honest, I thought this was an airplane. Galina wanted in on the photo shoot so her she is in her lovely dress. By the way, I wore a long flowy skirt today and Treyton asked me to dance. I love that kid! He told me several times how pretty I looked. (Extra dessert for him today.)
Of course, when Galina learned about Treyton's acting debut, she had to throw in a few theatrics of her own. Gosh, I love that kid too! Thank you Lord, for adding so much to my life through these two little ones.

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