Saturday, December 13, 2008


With the snow outside, we've been inspired. And the result...a snowman! After cutting out 3 circles I proceeded to paper punch the eyes and buttons. Then I realized that I could apply child labor to the task.
He loved it, and I thought it was a good activity for fine motor skill development. Then we took the dots and glued them on as buttons.
More fine motor practice!
Galina was upset that she wasn't involved so I put her in her high chair and gave her some dots to glue. She only ate a few.
Look at those little hands! I remember dreaming of this day when I was a little girl. Having a baby of my own. The Lord knows my heart and blessed me. Twofold!
Next we cut out and applied the carrot nose.
It's a little large....Barbara Streisand-ish. (sp?) Treyton made some red dots for the mouth and glued them on too.
Then he wanted orange boots so I cut some out, and he glued them on.
Well, after a while I looked at Galina's masterpiece. She did a really good job. Her first craft! I just cut it a bit and made it into a hat.
Bryce was really nervous when he saw this. He must've thought that I invaded his tackle box.
No worries, Honey! I just dug through some old teaching supplies and found this fishing wire. You could use yarn, string, or even thread. I simply taped the snowman pieces together to create a sort of mobile.
And there you have it! Our inspired snowman craft.
With the boy in the striped pajamas.

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