Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Morning

A few days ago I had a morning. A somewhat typical morning. Here's what happened....
I was giving the kids a bath in the tub in our bedroom so I could put laundry at the same time. Galina pooped. In the tub. Treyton jumped out of the tub and started turning blue while he kept yelling, "Oh no! Galina POOPED!" So I grabbed Galina out of the tub and ran her into the other bathroom to start the whole bath process again in there. With all the quick movements and my not-so-friendly attitude, she started wailing. So both kids crying and turning blue from the cold.
I got them in the other tub and was running back and forth between the two bathrooms, trying to clean up the poop so it didn't dry while checking on the kids.
After the bath in tub #2 was over, I got them out. Since Treyton was still blue I decided to get him dressed first. Thinking that Galina had just peed and pooped she was okay for 75 seconds. Well, I was wrong.
As I was getting the undies on Treyton, Galina squatted down (like a DOG!) and proceeded to pee and poop in the middle of the hallway.
So I raced to the poopie tub to grab the paper towels only to return to the crime scene to see Daisy eating the poop while Galina stood captivated as well as naked. Please don't get any ideas Missy Magoo! I tried to get Daisy to stop to no avail (and was secretly glad that I didn't have to clean up more poop).
When people ask what I do all day, I usually just say "stuff". But today I decided to stand up for my job and share the grim details of a typical morning which is never typical and makes being a stay-at-home mom that much harder. But I love it. Poop-eating dogs and all.

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Jen Kindseth said...

Oh my! That does sound exciting. I can honestly say that I have been there, done that. I feel your pain!