Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thorn Man

This year I am a leader at my Community Bible Study.  The kids and I were in a skit to help kick off the first morning.  That is where the mask came from.
But once the skit was over, the mask became a new favorite toy for my boy.
Add a cape and behold...Thorn Man was born.
I was a little taken back by the name.
But after thinking about it, it made sense.  Treyton has been out doing lots of yard work with Bryce lately.  Thorns are not fun.  They are sharp and dangerous.  They hurt when you touch them or accidentally walk through them.  So I could see where he came up with it.  In fact, I think it's rather creative.  Kudos to you, my superhero son!
Thorn Man can fly too.  He lays on the floor and kicks his feet.
Galina decided to get Brielle involved in playing dress up.    I found Brielle as Minnie Mouse and had myself a chuckle.
But then she found these sparkle headbands.  She and Brielle became Super Twins.
It's so fun being a mom!

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